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As the exclusive distributor for the Wöhler SM 500 for North and South America, ClearStak is proud to offer  the following products from the leading German manufacturer of testing equipment: 




The world's first multi-functional analyzer for onsite mass concentration measurements of total suspended particulate matter in flue gas, O2 and CO, draft and stack temperature. The Wöhler SM 500 analyzer will give you immediate readings. Integrates with  KELVIN and WebApp to combine furnace function and particulate matter data for data analysis and reporting. 


WÖHLER DP 600 Leakage Tester
The Wöhler DP 600 checks the tightness of exhaust ducts and chimneys. The menu enables the user to select between the different installation types. The Wöhler DP 600 automatically regulates the pressure which is necessary for the flue gas systems type P1 (exhaust ducts), H1(combined heat and power plants, exhaust ducts with high pressure), N1 and N2 (chimneys) and determines the leakage rate automatically.



With its unique combination of electrical resistance measuring technique and dielectric measurement the Wöhler HBF 420 wood moisture meter represents an ideal hand-held instrument to assess the moisture content of materials in a wide range of applications, assessing fuel materials to ensure the best efficiency. 


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