Emissions Testing Services Made Easy.  

ClearStak, LLC is the first EPA accredited laboratory to be approved to perform emissions audits using Partial Thermal Storage Methods.


   Under ISO-IEC 17025 practices, testing services offered are: 

  • Method 28 WHH-PTS (Partial Thermal Storage for Hydronic Heaters with External Thermal Storage)

  • Method 28 WHH (Hydronic Heaters, Forced Air Furnaces and Outdoor Wood Boilers) 

  • Method 28 (Resident Pellet Systems) 

  • Portable Particulate Testing

  • Fuel Emissions Testing 

  • Cookstove Emissions Testing 


 Testing can be performed on the following appliances: 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Hydronic Heaters (up to 650 kBTU) 

  • Forced Air Furnaces

  • Pellet Stoves 

  • Cookstoves

Contact the ClearStak team for testing services at

info@clearstak.com or 860-237-8245.